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College and Career Prep

Preparation Program
Take real, full-length new SAT practice tests from College Board, watch Sal work through SAT questions, and use Official SAT Practice to get personalized SAT ... Our mission is to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere.
One-to-One Test Preparation Programs and Career Guidance

Regents Prep 

(Sessions arranged on an hourly basis)



Interactive when you need it, get access to expert resources for your how-to questions, technical support, or strategic initiatives.

Financial Aid

Interactive search when you need it, get access to Free Matching Scholarships for college also learn about Financial Aid and student loan options to find money such as:

ACT/ SAT Subject Test Preparation -

College Application Essay Assistance -

(Sessions arranged on an hourly basis)

Extra Sessions -

(Sessions arranged on an hourly basis)

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